Top 5 Products for Co-working Spaces

With the popularity of co-working spaces growing rapidly, it’s increasingly important to cater to different work preferences during the design process.

Here are a few of our favourites for concentration & collaboration …
  • Operated electronically
  • Height range of 700mm – 1200mm
  • Includes smart storage above & below the desk

Next up, the August range of booths, sofas and individual nooks has proven to be very popular in open plan spaces.

In at number 3 and new for 2023, is the Stride table.
Unlike most large tables, Stride can be specified up to 3m on only 4 legs and up to 6m on 6 legs.

  • Option for concealed power & data via the legs
  • Available in standard or poseur height

In at number 4 is the M-table, designed to make video conferencing a breeze via its central power & data and trapezoid top.

Video conferencing Table, M-Table with Theo Media Screen

Every good co-working space needs a lounge area for those crucial coffee breaks. The Don sofa is not only comfy, but modular – allowing for numerous configurations.

Commercial modular sofa in pink

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