Theo Height Adjustable Booth

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Theo height adjustable booths are available individually or in fixed rows of multiple booths. Making them a popular choice within schools and university libraries.

Height Adjustable Work Surface

The height adjustable work surface is operated electronically and has a height range of 700mm at its lowest setting, to 1200mm at its highest. It may be set at any height the user desires between those two ranges, making it suitable for a chair, stool or standing.

Smart Storage 

The design also features shelves above and below the desk surface for users to store their belongings whilst they work and place things like mobile phones and coffee cups.

Embodied Carbon Data

  • Embodied carbon: 870.47 kg CO2e
  • Wood based materials: 87%
  • Plastic: 3.4%
  • Metal: 43.7%
  • Fabric: 0.81%
  • electronics: 0.35%
  • Coating, Sealant & Paint: 0.2%

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