We are very privileged to work with some of the industry’s brightest minds. We are also extremely proud of the equally brilliant talent we have at our disposal within our in-house design team. Each has an individual outlook and skill set that enables us to have a truly unique range of products that continues to expand and improve. They also love a broody black and white photo.

Simon Pengelly - The THEO collection

Theo is a family of furniture products designed for New Design Group by award winning British designer Simon Pengelly. In 2009 Theo began as a design brief to create a wooden stacking chair for use in churches; a market in which New Design Group had already been established for a number of years. The need came from a shift in the way churches are used which is now not only on Sundays but throughout the week for community activities such as crèches, concerts and cafés.

Richard Jones

“I adopt a hands-on approach and feel this is the most effective way of understanding a materials capabilities. I strive to create a pared back, understated appearance and enjoy telling a story with as few visual elements as possible. Creating an emotional connection between the object and user. My products are not a passing sensation but aim to create a lasting impression that stands the test of time.”

Martin Ryan

After spending much of his 20’s as a musician Martin studied furniture design at the London College of Furniture. On graduation in 1986 he set up Ryan Furniture. Combining visual economy with ease of manufacturing was the guiding principle of Ryan. A deep knowledge of production and a natural feel for structure has informed his approach. His aim is always to make the appearance of a design, structural economy and production economy work well together, in order to achieve simplicity on every level, not only the visual.


Founded by Peter and Cathy Wall in 2003, AssemblyRoom is a London based design practice with a strong reputation for creativity in both commercial interiors and furniture design. Peter studied Interior Design at Middlesex University and Furniture Design at Oslo National College of Art and Design, whilst Cathy studied Furniture and Product Design at Kingston University. Both then went on to gain experience in commercial practice, engaging in a collaborative and human centred approach, that is still an important part of their design ethos today.

Bruce High

Bruce High, born in Scotland, began his career in cabinet making and joinery and later studied art and sculpture part time, before going to the London College of Furniture to study furniture design and production. He started High Design Limited in 2011. Bruce’s ethos is that behind any successful and enduring design lies a simple, intuitive and functional concept. A clear understanding of the materials, how they can be manipulated and the processes available, is just as important a factor for the success of a product. New Design Group collaborated with Bruce on the hugely successful Alto and Nimbus table ranges as well as our new Mi chair and Switch table.

Softrend - The Intuit Collection

Intuit was born from Softrend, an established player in the upholstered furniture space since 1997. They pride themselves on designing highly innovative products to bring a contemporary touch to the office environment. 

New Design Group are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for Intuit by Softrend.

Mark came to the world of furniture design in a circuitous way having worked in advertising and then training as a cabinet maker, before establishing what is now regarded as one of the leading design studios in the UK. The intent is to create character through simplicity. “…it is all too easy to shock, but much more difficult to please… through the rigorous pursuit of design that has both elegance and a lasting aesthetic. These are not fashionable concepts, but that is the point.”

Having worked for over 20 years in design consultancy across different business and consumer market sectors, Barry Jenkins established BroomeJenkins as a design consultancy in 2003. The consultancy works with international clients in the contract and system furniture industry