MIR Bench & Stool

Designed by:

There are three lengths of MIR bench. All are fully upholstered and spaced off the floor by discreet , powder coated, steel feet with nylon glides. The MIR Stool is available in two heights. They combine with the MIR laptop tables and Benches to create attractive and unique soft seating breakout spaces.

MIR offers the designer full rein in creating different configurations of layout and the opportunity to play with fabric colour on the different elements.

Embodied Carbon Data

  • Embodied carbon: 42.53 kg CO2e
  • Wood based materials: 33%
  • Plastic: 0.5%
  • Foam: 56%
  • Fabric: 9%

Based on: MIR Stool Ø450

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