Introducing Venue Tables


New Design Group and design consultants Broome Jenkins are delighted to announce the launch of the Venue Tables collection to the UK market.

Designed & manufactured in the UK and with a deliberate focus on simplicity and sustainability, Broome Jenkins and New Design Group have collaborated to create a range of tables that not only streamline complex assemblies but also offer versatility and eco-conscious manufacturing techniques.

The Venue table collection stands out in its simplicity. By minimising the number of essential parts, these tables can be customised into a number of sizes and top shapes, making them the perfect fit for a wide range of settings. Whether you are fitting out an office, a conference room, a café, or a university, Venue Tables provide a sleek and universal solution.

"We are thrilled to partner with New Design Group in bringing The Venue Table range to the contract furniture market. Our goal is to provide simple, elegant solutions that align with the furniture industry’s sustainability values, and Venue Table represents a significant step in that direction."

"In our view the essence of good modern design is simplicity, nothing extraneous. Don’t design in obsolescence and it will be relevant for longer. At every point in the process Barry and his team asked themselves “Could it be made using less?” Less tooling, less components, less environmental impact." We couldn’t be happier to be involved with a responsible product for our times."

Venue Tables will be available to order from October 2023. For more information about the collection, please visit or

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