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Venue Tables

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Venue Tables are deliberately simple to ensure they are efficient to make, reliable to use and have an enduring style. They are ideally suited to any educational, corporate or hospitality setting. The unique and minimal frame design eliminates complex assemblies and limits Venue’s carbon footprint.

  • Available in standard & poseur height
  • 8 metal finishes available including red, yellow and blue
  • Power & data available

British Manufacturing & Design

Designed and made in the UK, Venue Tables use the latest in efficient manufacturing techniques to ensure accuracy and to minimise waste. Attention to detail is key, resulting in a design that is simple and universal.

The frame has been designed so that any third party power management products and monitor arms can be fitted.

Embodied Carbon Data

  • Embodied carbon: 29.75 kg CO2e
  • Wood based materials: 71%
  • Metal: 28%

1500 X 750 Standard Height Venue Table

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