Theo Chair

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Light, durable and stackable
Light in weight yet strong and durable, Theo possesses an elegant and purposeful aesthetic and is entirely at home in both modern and traditional interiors.
30 chairs can stack on a purpose-designed chair trolley and still be wheeled through a standard door opening. It can also be linked in rows for auditorium use.

Theo furniture family
The Theo chair is part of a much more comprehensive range of complementary furniture, including folding & extending tables, space dividers, office meeting booths, etc. All are designed for functionality in the workplace as well as aesthetics and comfort.

The Theo chairs can be upholstered to suit your colour palette and a range of stains are also available to match.

Embodied Carbon Data

  • Embodied carbon: 11.14 kg CO2e
  • Wood based materials: 98%
  • Plastic: 1.25%
  • Metal: 0.75%

Based on natural oak Theo side chair

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