Corporate Project

A functional and well thought out project featuring a wide range of New Design Group products.

Products used:

Meeter Modular


Theo High Table


Theo Worktable


Reach Table


A space for concentration

The THEO Worktable makes for a practical collaboration table, accompanied by subtle beam lights to aid concentration.

A space for formal meetings

The clean minimal aesthetic in this boardroom provides a sense of clarity, where the furniture is utilised in practical ways rather than as a feature.

Our Reach table blends right in, complete with cable-managed power & data.

A space for touching base

For their breakout areas our Meeter modular sofas were chosen to provide a mix of open & semi-private spaces ideal for catch ups or dining.

A space for a catch up

The neutral tones and clean lines of this space made our THEO High Table the perfect choice to continue the beautiful symmetry and cohesion.